A lot of people prefer to clean their homes themselves instead of calling a professional. This is particularly true if they’ve got a lot of time. If you’re one of these individuals, you have to ensure you know what you’re doing. This is particularly true when it comes to windows.  

When cleaning your windows, there are several types of glass you’ve got to consider. Different types require different methods of cleaning. Fortunately, we’re here to help you with your window cleaning Fresno project: 

Low-E Glass 

To stop UV rays from heating up your house, this type of glass has a coating or film applied. These windows are extremely costly. Because of this, it isn’t suggested that you utilize a window cleaner that has ammonia. It’s crucial that you don’t scrub or utilize any form of abrasive material in cleaning this glass. The best way to clean this glass is to use a microfiber cloth and an ammonia-free cleaner.  

Tempered Glass 

This type of glass is one of the most durable glasses out there. Oftentimes, it is known as safety glass since the glass only falls into tiny bits when it breaks. Thus, it can easily prevent severe injury. Normally, tempered glass is etched or stamped. This type of glass is also one of the hardest ones to clean. It’s very easy to scratch tempered glass. You’ve got to ensure you utilize a microfiber cloth and quality cleaner. You should also not scrub the glass.  

Heat-Strengthened Glass 

To promote surface compression, this type of glass has been treated with heat. However, it isn’t heated the same way as tempered glass. Heat-strengthened glass is more durable compared to annealed glass. However, it has various degrees of durability. This type of glass can endure fast swings in temperature. However, it has a tendency to have blemishes. You should not scrape this glass using a razor. You might compromise the window if you scrub it while there is still debris attached to it. You might have to call a professional window cleaner when cleaning this type of glass.  

Annealed Glass 

The most popular type of glass is annealed glass. There’s a high possibility that you’ve got this type of glass. Annealed glass is made using the process of cooling the glass slowly to release the internal pressure after it’s molded. Usually, this glass is very simple to clean and is normally flat. A professional window cleaner will typically utilize a razor blade to scrape the glass since it isn’t easy to scratch. However, if you’re cleaning the glass yourself, you shouldn’t follow this method. You’ve got to utilize a microfiber cloth, a squeegee, dish soap, and water.  

Keep in mind that not every window is created the same. You should not treat them like that. It might appear easy to clean the windows. However, it’s vital that you first know the different types of glass to know the right method to use in cleaning it. If you want to make everything simple, just hire a professional to help you.