Some people would think about the importance of the oil in our lives, aside from we are using it every time that we cook some food there could be others. Others would buy the available terpenes for sale as they are going to use for other purposes like making the house smelling good throughout the day and bring good vibes. Some of the housewife or chef would use a special kind of citrus oil for their best and excellent meal to cook as it gives a natural feeling of aroma. Most of the people would think that making this oil can be very difficult and you need a lot of time to do it but it’s not that very hard. 

Here are some of the processes and ideas in order for you to obtain the extract of the oil coming from the fruits and how to properly get them out.  

The very first thing that you need to do is to wash the fruits that you are going for example, you are planning to use the citrus types like lemon. You have to make sure that you wash them well so that the bacteria would be removed and it won’t be part of the process when you make the oil. You don’t need to use any chemical here just to make it as you will be going to have the natural way of extracting oil from the fruits or citrus. You need to remove the skin of it and you can use a peeler to get rid of it or if you don’t have then a knife would be useful.  

Once everything is done from removing the skin, then you can set aside the fruit as you might use it for cooking or if you want to eat this one. Remember that you are just going to use the skin of the lemon or citrus fruit for this one and next thing you do is to have a small bag. You can put the skin of the lemon there and hang that one anywhere in your house to get a citrus aroma around the house or in your own bedroom. It could work as a great insect repellant as well if you are living to a place with a lot of mosquitoes and insects that might cause diseases to others.  

With the help of a pressing machine or even a mortar and pestle, you can get the extract from the fruit peel or skin and then get the oil after. Remember that this kind of process would take so much time and it takes a lot of your energy so you need to be very patient and try your best. Every after you get the oil after pounding, then you can transfer it to a clean jar and then make sure to cover it so that it won’t be dirty. After all the process, you can use it now whenever you have headache or when you want to be feeling fresh as well and some for cooking meals.